70 things that will be different after RNY

1. Shopping at a regular store instead of online or Lane Bryant
2. Being able to fit on a rollercoaster! After that happens, look out Six Flags and Great America!
3. To become a mom.
4. Chairs with arms. I currently avoid them because they hurt my hips.
5. Booths at restaurants.
6. turnstyles!!!!! I hate them now and don’t ever use them.
7. walking. Something we take for granted but it’s not easy when you’re carrying so much weight.
8. Fear of diabetes. I’ve lived my entire adult life knowing that I am one blood test away from finding out that I have diabetes. I’m excited that this will no longer be a concern.
9. Everytime I use a public restroom I go straight for the handicap stall because it’s bigger.
10. Fitting comfortably in my car. I drive a Hyundai Accent and have to put the seat way back so I fit.
11. Flying in an airplane! I always fear that they’re going to make me buy 2 seats.
12. Waterslides! I’ve always wanted to go down a waterslide but I never want to walk up the stairs and I’m always afraid I exceed the weight limit.
13. Wide width shoes. I’m so sick and tired of only having limited options because I always have to buy wide width shoes.
14. Picture angles. I always try to adjus the angle of the camera so you don’t see my double chin.
15. Hiding in pictures. If there are small children nearby, I will ALWAYS make them stand in front of me.
16. Wearing a swimsuit. Yeah, I wear them now but I’m always shameful of my body.
17. Sleeping positions. Currently I have to prop myself up and surround myself with pillows.
18. Tying my own shoes.
19. The way I excersize. I want to do some classes but I’m always too embarassed.
20. My overall energy level.
21. Walking in tight spaces.
22. Bracelets! I can NEVER buy a bracelet from a regular store.
23. Necklaces. Same as above.
24. Touch my toes.
25. Pick up my nephews and nieces without any trouble
26. Sitting in the regular seats at ATT park. Currently I only sit in the bleachers or arcade.
27. Swinging my arms when I walk. This is something that drives me CRAZY.
28. No more buffets.
29. To be able to cross my legs! I’ve never done it.
30. To ride a bicycle.
31. To wear boots!
32. Go zip lining
33. Go running!
34. Do a 5K (color run)
35. To wipe better. I know that’s gross but I’m trying to be honest with myself.
36. Yoga. I’ve always wanted to try yoga.
37. Wii Fit board. It’s always driven me crazy that I’ve wanted to use Wii fit but the board has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.
38. Not worry about weight limits on anything.
39. Buy a normal camping chair. I always have limited options because I have to buy the ones with huge weight limits.
40. Airplane bathroom. I would always avoid it because I didn’t fit.
41. Won’t be worried about finding a close parking spot.
42. Won’t think everyone is laughing at me. I currently think anytime I walk into a room and people are laughing, they must be laughing at me.
43. See my cheekbones. Assuming I have some…. I’ve never seen them.
44. Go rowing.
45. Go in a kayak.
46. Go innertubing at our annual Collins Lake trip.
47. Won’t avoid the outdoors in the summer.
48. Go hiking! I’ve always wanted to escape into a mountain for a while.
49. Walk in the sand at the beach without feeling like I’m going to die.
50. Wear heels.
51. Above the knee skirts
52. Wear shorts!
53. No seatbelt extension on a plane
54. Chase Emma around.
55. See Emma graduate.
56. Grandchildren!
57. Better sex… again, sorry for TMI.
58. Shop @ Victoria Secret. And not just for purfume 😉
59. To wear CUTE Giant’s gear!
60. To climb stairs. I currently avoid them like the plague.
61. Heavy breathing. I’m always super concious about how heavy my breathing is.
62. To not have to buy a scale that goes up to 400 pounds.
63. Paint my toes!
64. Cuddling.
65. Not hide at home because I don’t want people to see how big I am.
66. Not think people ar elying when they say I’m pretty or I look nice.
67. Love myself
68. knee highs
69. Enjoy the summer heat

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