5 months…

It’s crazy to say that it has been 5 months since I walked into the orientation class at Kaiser Richmond. I haven’t blogged anything since April 16th so I’ll do my best to get my blog up to date. Let’s start with the fun stuff: I had RNY on 6/1/15. Since starting this journey 5 months ago I am down 129 pounds! My weight officially has a 2 in front of it and I still can hardly believe that. I hadn’t been in the 2s since middle school! Its still hard to believe that I’m 2.5 months post op!

Surgery: I weighed in the morning of surgery down 83 pounds! Those 83 pounds melted off me in 2.5 months. On the morning of surgery I was TERRIFIED. Every single emotion ran through my head. I had to take an Ativan the morning of to make sure my anxiety didn’t get the best of me. I did pass out when they put the IV in but I’m came back to quickly and I was fine. I was supposed to go into surgery at 1:00 and didn’t make it back there until 3:30. Every single staff member at Kaiser Richmond was beyond incredible. They were patient, loving and understanding. I walked into the OR to the loving and friendly faces of my surgical team. Doctor Baggs is the shit! I vaguely remember talking to the anesthesiologist and before I knew it I was waking up in recovery. I was wheeled to my room and quickly met with the faces of the ones I love: my mom, dad and husband. Also, my roommate is a dear friend that I’ve known for 5 years! I realized very quickly that I wasn’t in pain. I expected to be DYING in pain but I wasn’t… in fact although I was a little uncomfortable, my pain level never went over a 4. I was walking 20 minutes after being moved to my room. My roommate Ellen and I walked the halls all night long and we stayed up laughing and talking. It felt just like high school lol.

The next morning the nurse came in and told me to call my ride because I was ready to go. I was anxious to start my new life but also scared about being left to my own devices. Dad picked me up around 11 and I held a pillow to my stomach for the ride home. Once home I was EXHAUSTED. I got a quick visit from Emma and then took my Vicodin and went to bed. The next few days consisted of the same routine… sleep as late as I can, wake up take my meds and relax as long as possible. I went for walks around the apartments a LOT but also listened to my body when it said to rest. By the 4th day I was done with the Vicodin and because my boss got sick, I was back to work on the 10th day. I felt awesome.

2.5 months later I’m full of energy and totally used to my 1/4 cup of food. I don’t crave anything (except pizza) and I’m living… actually living. Right now my diet consists of turkey, chicken and cheese. In about 3 weeks I’ll get to progress to red meats which I can’t wait for! I’m loosing hair every day but I seem to be the only one that notices. I take my vitamins fairly religiously although I do miss a dose here and there. I’m wearing size 20 pants (I started in 30-32) and 1X-2X shirts (I started in 5X). It’s hard to believe that I have come so far in such a little amount of time but it’s also so reassuring to know that I’m not done yet! I keep asking myself: If I feel so amazing now, how much more amazing will I feel in 100 pounds? 140 pounds? I can NOT wait!

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